• How to Create and Set Up a Course

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    Learning Management System (LMS)

    Course Explorer

    Creating and Setting Up a Course

    The Course Explorer allows administrators to create, configure and edit courses. A single course consists of any number of available learning objects. Before the extent of course content can be created, the Title of the course and the Short Description must be inputted and saved. Then, the course sub-navigation pane appears.

    1. Login with your admin account 
    2. Click on the Universal Nav
    3. Click on the Learning tab
    4. Click Create a Course
    5. Enter the Title and a Short Description
      The following table illustrates the different attributes of the Course Properties:
    Name of Field (* = required field) Description of Data
    Title* Title of the course
    Permalink Unique URL listing of the course; can be manually generated or automatically generated based on the course title
    Subtitle Subtitle of the course
    Author(s) Authors of the course
    Prerequisite Used to tell user the pre-course requirements
    Short Description* Short description of the course, displayed in applicable webparts and course nodes
    Notes Associated notes for back-end organization
    Keywords Associated keywords for back-end organization
    Active When checked, makes course available to users on the website
    Course must be completed in sequence Unchecking this box will allow the user to complete course activities in any order
    Disable Summary Node When unchecked, allows users to view the summary node (appears at end of course) that shows users their post-test scores. If checked, will launch the course on the first learning object
    Show Exam or Evaluation Summary If enabled, determines which comparison is displayed on the course summary
    Do not show table of contents When checked, hides the course navigation menu
    Summary Content If enabled, displays text entered here within the summary node
    Pass Message If summary node enabled and user passes the course, this text appears in the summary node
    Fail Message If summary node enabled and user fails the course, this text appears in the summary node
    Footer Content Displays SmartDoc content in course footer
    Style Sheet Select CSS SmartDoc to customize visual style
    Visible From* Display course only between the dates selected
    Post Date* Published date of the course
    Revised Date Date of course was revised, if applicable; appears on the course listing and detail page
    Featured Image Select the Asset image from the CMS to display as a thumbnail on the course listing page on the website
    Category Allows for the creation and selection of course category types used to organize courses
    1. Click the Save button at the top left of the page.