• How to set up a Form on a page

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    • Navigate to the page where you want to add the form, then click the universal nav button and switch to Webparts page mode.
    • In the admin bar at the top of the page, select the n4m Form Builder User Input webpart. Next select a zone where you want the new webpart to appear, then click Add.
    • The new webpart will start unpublished, which means that only admins will be able to see it until it is published.
    • In the webpart's top right corner is a gray gear icon. Hover over the icon and select Webpart properties from the menu that appears.
    • The only thing on this page that must be set up in the Form field. Click the search icon (magnifying glass) next to the field and then navigate to the form you want to display. There is a search bar near the top right if you don't remember where the form is located. Click the form title or the green plus icon to select the form.
    • Once the Form has been selected, you can click OK to finish the setup. Make sure the webpart is published if you want members to see the form.

    Other Webpart Properties

    • Show Sidebar — When checked, displays a navigation menu on the left side for moving between form pages.
    • User Display — Selects what to show a user who has already submitted the form.
      • New Form [default] — Displays a blank copy of the form to allow the same user to submit again.
      • Allow Edits — Displays the previously submitted data in the form and allows the user to make changes and submit them.
      • View Only — Displays the previously submitted data in the form but doesn't allow changes.
    • Submit Label — Text entered in this field will be used in the submit button.
    • On Submit — Selects what to do after the form is submitted.
      • Display Message [default] — Displays the text in the Submit Display Message field to the user.
      • Redirect — Redirects the user to the URL in the Submit Redirect field.
      • Display Form SmartDoc — Displays the SmartDoc selected in the form's Completion SmartDoc field.