• How to use the LMS Navigation

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    After using the universal navigation menu to access the LMS, the administrator will see the following tabs available at the top of their screen.

    1. Course: Series of content related to instruction on a particular subject matter
    2. Exams: Set of questions designed to assess knowledge of the subject matter
    3. Case Studies: Published material that has been closely studied
    4. Questions: Learning object to test user understanding of the material
    5. Curriculum: Courses comprising a course of study
    6. Evaluations: Assessment of user’s experience with the course
    7. Reports: Summary, of course, reports available (ex. Course User Summary, Course Type Summary, Course Summary, etc.)

    Listing Navigation

    The main left nav panel commands are used to organize different learning objects into folders. The four commands are as follows:

    1. Add: Add a new folder
    2. Delete: Delete an existing folder and all its contents
    3. Edit: Rename a folder
    4. Refresh: Refresh the list of items to reflect new changes

    Add a new course, Delete a course, Edit a course name

    Organizing Your Course Listings

    Learning objects added to the LMS can be organized quickly by creating a folder hierarchy, moving objects, creating copies, and deleting objects. The intuitive interface of the folder hierarchy allows items to be manually dragged and dropped, or items can be moved through the use of the “Move” button. Items in Courses, Exams, and Case Studies can also be manually dragged and dropped to organize the presentation of those items.

    Move Content, Bulk Delete, Copy, Edit, Delete

    Each type of learning object utilizes the same style of action buttons and organizational features as illustrated above.

    1. Create Button - allows administrators to add a new learning object, such as Course, Question, Exam, etc. This displays the learning object’s properties page.
    2. Each learning object has three icons next to its listing:
      1. Edit - displays the object’s properties page
      2. Copy - creates a copy of the selected object to quickly create an identical object
      3. Delete - removes the object completely from the LMS
    3. Clicking the checkboxes next to objects in the list allows administrators to “Move” that object one-at-a-time, or in bulk, to another folder within the navigation tree

    Searching for Courses

    Under each learning tab within the LMS is a search box that allows users to search for individual learning materials. Type in your search phrase and hit Enter.


    Search results will yield matches from the following fields:

    • Search results will yield matches from the following fields:
    • Course Title / Question
    • Course Short Description
    • Course Notes field
    • Course Keywords
    • Question Discussion


    • How should I organize my folders?
      • Organizing folders is completely up to you. We like to organize our folders by the course types, like Masterclass Courses or Ethics Courses. Then, if an item spans for the course of multiple years, we create a new folder for each year for that item.