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  • n4m Form Builder User Input

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    Displays a CMS form on the page.

    Setup Instructions

    Add the webpart to the page, and select a form to display using the Form property. Choose the behavior for returning users using the User Display property.

    Webpart Properties

    • Form — Selects the form to display.
    • Show Sidebar — When checked, displays a navigation menu on the left side for moving between form pages.
    • User Display — Selects what to show a user who has already submitted the form.
      • New Form [default] — Displays a blank copy of the form to allow the same user to submit again.
      • Allow Edits — Displays the previously submitted data in the form and allows the user to make changes and submit them.
      • View Only — Displays the previously submitted data in the form but doesn't allow changes.
    • Submit Label — Text entered in this field will be used in the submit button.
    • On Submit — Selects what to do after the form is submitted.
      • Display Message — Displays the text in the Submit Display Message field to the user.
      • Redirect — Redirects the user to the URL in the Submit Redirect field.
      • Display Form SmartDoc — Displays the SmartDoc selected in the form's Completion SmartDoc field.
    • Add Recaptcha — Displays a reCAPTCHA "I'm not a robot" checkbox at the bottom of the form.
    • Save Updates to Profile
    • Disable Auto Scroll