• MAR 31, 2021

    Apprende Q1 2021


    We're excited to share these enhancements to Apprende!

    • AWS Video Encoding and Storage
    • Link Directly to a Poll
    • Page Access and Entitlements
    • Content Type Displays on Listings
    • Default Image in Most Viewed Webpart
    • Quickly Find Sitemap Pages
    • Form Builder Listing, Detail & Summary Pages
    • Impersonate User
    • Discount Codes for Groups
    • Batch Processing Added Within Groups
    • Custom Invoices & Receipts
    • Discount Codes With Minimum Spend
    • Quickly View Content Tagging
    • “Subscribed” Indicators in Backoffice
    • n4m Opt Out Email Webpart
    • and more!

    We are here to answer any questions or help train—just contact us!

    Apprende is a cloud-based management system built to run associations. Learn more about the Apprende All-in-one Association Management System.