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  • NOV 13, 2015

    Apprende Version 3.8.1 Released


    We’ve released version 3.8.1 of the Apprende platform, and it’s being rolled out to our user base over the next two weeks. In addition to a lots of small enhancements and bug fixes, this latest release contains:


    • Main website settings are now controlled directly from the sitemap, making it much easier to manage multiple sites from a single Apprende instance
    • New flex column template allows any combination of 1, 2, 3 or 4 web part zones across any part of any page


    • Products can now have pre-set start and end dates, which you can use to display and retire them from your website automatically
    • Administrators can now process offline credit card payments
    • Additional batch actions, including batch member type and status updates


    • Consolidated user and course level reports allow you to easily perform multiple analyses from a single page
    • New ability to set any exam to either require answers to be submitted sequentially or to allow a user to answer all questions and then submit them as a group after review and editing

    Development for version 3.8.2 is underway – look for an update just prior to release in the Winter of 2016.