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  • MAR 19, 2020

    Enforme Announces the Launch of the Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite of Software Services


    Enforme’s Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite provides a package of solutions that allows an association to quickly and seamlessly offer virtual meetings as a supplement or alternative to live courses. The Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite includes everything an association needs to pivot to alternative content delivery formats, including abstract management, a robust course player, live-chat and e-posters.

    In recognition of the disruptive influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-person professional meetings, Enforme is steeply discounting the Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite. Understanding that professional associations have a mission to educate and recognizing that live events are a major source of association revenue, Enforme will offer the Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite software package, at cost, for the remainder of 2020.

    For over twenty years, Enforme has had the privilege of serving some of the world’s most prominent and innovative professional associations. Our many collaborations have given us a unique understanding of professional societies, especially those that are pivoting to virtual meetings. We see the Apprende Virtual Meeting Suite as a logical extension of our decades long commitment to professional associations.

    “The pandemic required us to rapidly pivot from offering traditional meetings services to providing enhanced support for virtual experiences,'' said Carrie Delente, Enforme’s Founder and COO. “The Apprende platform and Enforme’s experienced team allowed us to quickly and seamlessly move to a fully digital solution set.”

    In addition to technical support at every step in the journey, Enforme also offers marketing, branding, business management and sales support. “While a robust digital experience is essential, technology alone is insufficient,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Enforme. “Enforme provides the digital, organizational and business support to ensure operational excellence.”

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