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  • MAR 05, 2019

    Enforme Interactive Announces the Launch of the "Enforme Collaborative"

    Enforme Interactive

    Washington, DC

    A webinar series addressing the most urgent issues confronting professional associations.

    Today, Enforme Interactive announced the launch of the Enforme Collaborative. The Enforme Collaborative will take the form of fast paced, bi-monthly webinars, 30 minutes in length, that will address urgent issues of common cause.

    Enforme has the privilege of serving some of the world’s most prominent and innovative professional associations. Together, we’ve worked to reimagine the ways in which associations create member value. We’ve done this through experimentation, collaboration and co-innovation.

    These collaborations have given us a unique perspective on the most urgent strategic challenges facing science and healthcare associations. Our work has also allowed us to closely collaborate with the scholarly community’s most imaginative strategists, consultants and strategic advisors.

    “There has never been a time of such rapid and profound change in professional associations. The scholarly community needs innovative forums for sharing new ideas, new approaches and best practices”, said Kevin Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Enforme Interactive. “This webinar series is in keeping with the best traditions of unfettered knowledge transfer within science and healthcare.”

    The inaugural webinar will take place on March 12th at 3pm eastern. This session will be led by Alaap Shah, JD MPH from the law firm of Epstein Becker Green, speaking on key issues associated with privacy, data security and data governance. “I’m delighted to be asked to address this critically important topic. As associations seek to collect, manage and leverage increasing amounts of member data, embargoed content and clinical registry data, its vitally important that organizations be mindful of their legal, ethical and technical responsibilities.” said Mr. Shah.

    “We’re very pleased to be able to offer these seminars to the community” said Carrie Delente, Founder and COO of Enforme. “Throughout the course of this year we’ll be addressing topics as urgent as advanced search, online community building, approaches to clinical quality, member engagement and clinical registries. The sessions are free and can be easily accessed through our website.” 

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    About Enforme Interactive:

    Enforme Interactive, a well-established custom solutions provider for medical associations, was founded by Eric and Carrie Delente in 1997. Enforme’s award-winning team has provided non-profit associations with highly customized cutting-edge design, development, and technical best practices. From websites and apps to online learning, member management, and content delivery, Enforme provides essential services for professional associations across the globe.