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  • FEB 03, 2020

    Enforme Introduces a New Logo

    Mark Burrier

    Let's Begin by Looking Back

    Enforme has always been firmly grounded as an interactive company making some of the earliest digital experiences as CD-Roms, kiosks and websites in the mid-to-late 1990s.

    Enforme's first company logos reflect a simpler time in the digital design space. Both of the earliest brand images were created by Enforme’s in-house team at the time.

    The early-2000s marked a turbulent era for many interactive companies while Enforme successfully weathered the dot-com bubble. With a different competitive landscape, we then embarked on a rebrand to communicate our strength and stability during an unstable period. Working with a branding partner, we landed on a wordmark that would remain as the company's ID for over a decade.

    Today, we introduce a new direction and only the fourth major logo in the company’s 23 year history.

    The Mighty Hexagon

    The hexagon is a shape frequently found in nature and universally considered a symbol of harmony and balance. Our brand team has always liked its symmetry and willingness to repeat seamlessly.

    The "hex," as we refer to it, made its first appearance in our Apprende logo. As our product family grew with Continuum and Conclusive AI, this shape was used to distinguish our line of solutions for associations. It seemed natural to coordinate its usage in the parent brand.



    After a number of iteration cycles that refined the concept at each step, we landed on a mark that evokes a feeling of harmony and balance—attributes we strive for in our company culture.

    The corner colors correspond with our product’s primary brand colors while the long angles hold Enforme’s new primary colors: purple, gold and teal.


    As the only platform committed to evolving associations and their membership, we wanted Enforme’s new brand to visually compliment this message. Like any good rebrand, the logomark is just the touchstone to greater visual change. The new look will be rolled out over the course of the year in our websites, products and channels.