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  • MAR 28, 2019

    Enforme’s CEO, Kevin Fitzpatrick, to speak at STM’s Society Day on April 10

    Enforme Interactive

    Please join us at STM’s Society Day on April 10 as Kevin Fitzpatrick and a distinguished panel of publishing, technology and association executives discuss, Societies and Technology Strategy – Who Owns The Vision?

    The business and advancement of Society Scholarly Publishing has been and will continue to be built on the recruitment, development and advancement of the early career researcher into the ranks of the society publishing operations.  It is essential that the Society Scholarly Publishing industry maintains a consistent objective of building our membership with the early career researcher. This conference will focus on the best practices currently being employed by the scholarly community.  

    Societies rely on technical vendors for a host of services to deliver their content to their members and institutional subscribers.  The procurement process for these services involves a committee of colleagues and the vendor’s team members. This process can be very challenging for the society to manage effectively. 

    What are the best practices to manage this process? Who should be on the project team? Who should be the chair/lead of the project team? What are the best project management tools that should be considered?  Please join us for what should be a provocative and thought provoking discussion.