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  • FEB 10, 2023

    Get ready to experience a brand new level of service with Enforme and Wood Street's merger!


    At the beginning of the year, Enforme and Wood Street merged their companies to create a new powerhouse team. This merger not only expanded our product and service offerings, but it also enhanced our internal project management process. We reviewed both of our companies processes and have implemented Enforme’s ticketing system to make customer requests a seamless process. Any new project request will now use our ticketing system called “MyTeams.” Using our new system will allow all clients to get your project routed to the appropriate team member with greater speed and precision.

    What is MyTeam?

    MyTeam is:

    • An email-based support system
    • Primary way for you to:
        • Submit issues or concerns with your website
        • ­Submit new graphic or new project request
        • ­Ask how-to questions
        • Request new features
    • Hub for the Enforme support team to triage requests and offer prompt service

    Why this system?

    • All client inquiries will be monitored by a team of skilled professionals lessening the reliance on a single point of contact
    • This system will shorten response times
    • Requests will make it to the right team member faster
    • Email provides transparency and a log of communications.

    How it works

    • You will send an email to when you have a new request
    • You will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt
    • The Enforme support team receives the ticket
    • An experienced team member becomes the point of contact and:
      If necessary, we’ll ask you for further information
    • We work to resolve the ticket
    • We will communicate the ticket status
    • Communicate successful completion of the ticket



    Escalation Path

    • Support team communicates and initiates action
    • Issue and resources are identified
    • Support team provides frequent updates on progress towards resolution
    • Resolution is accepted by customer

    MyTeam Email 

    MyTeam Subject Line Suggestions

    {Escalation level} - {Client Name} - ex: Content is not displaying properly

    Where is My Response Email?

    Be sure to check your spam filter if you do not receive a receipt for a submitted ticket. Sometimes, the MyTeam emails will end up in spam until the email or domain is whitelisted. To keep MyTeam emails from going into your spam or junk folder, please whitelist the domain of or the email

    In Conclusion

    We appreciate your continued support of our products and services and we look forward to serving your company or association for years to come. To learn more about our MyTeam ticketing system or if you have any other questions about our new process, please contact us at: