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  • JUN 12, 2020

    Today's Crisis = Tomorrow's Opportunity


    Joanne Rang (Vice President & Co-Founder, ITAG) and David Schulman (President, Associations Rewired) will speak on the topic of Today's Crisis = Tomorrow's Opportunity during our June 17 Enforme Collaborative.

    About the Presenters

    Joanne Rang

    Ms. Rang is the Vice President and one of the founders of the Information Technology Advisory Group (ITAG). In that role she serves as an advisor to various for and not-for profit organizations. Ms. Rang has over thirty years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) arena, twenty-six with not-for-profit organizations.

    Joanne has expertise and knowledge in a variety of disciplines. Based upon customer's requirements, she analyzes their existing technology environment; reviews current and future business objectives and assists in defining goals and strategies to support the business operations. She also assists organization in assessing current processes to evaluate customer value, develops process models, realigns workflow with strategy, and determines whether the financial investment the company continually makes on IT is cost-effective.

    Before starting the Information Technology Advisory Group, Ms. Rang was an IT consultant with Sage Solutions Group, and prior to that the Vice President of IT for the American Trucking Associations as well as the Executive Director of the Information Technology Council. Ms. Rang has spoken at several industry events and at national conferences of associations. She has served as a member of the ASAE Technology Council for three years and the ASAE Finance & Business Operations Council for four years where she served as the Chair.

    David Schulman

    David is President of Associations Rewired. With over 30 years of experience in business technology strategy including over 80 associations. He’s been preaching that digital strategy is the single greatest opportunity to sit on your doorstep in the last century. His preaching days are over; Covid-19 has driven the message home like a Louisville Slugger. It’s not just about delivering your products and services digitally; it’s about leveraging your hidden assets to deliver tools that actually improve the lives of your members. Prior to starting Associations Rewired, David built and sold two technology companies.

    When he gets outside, David teaches sailing driven by the principal - “while you can’t change the wind, you can adjust your sails”. He has a BA from Hampshire College and is certified in Innovation and Design Thinking by IDEO. For more information, please visit: